in America's Oldest City


Here at SonRidge, we help facilitate one of God's greatest gifts
ability of the body to heal.


Utilizing cutting edge methods, technologies, and a listening ear,

(listening to what YOU have to say) we are able to discover the causes

of various symptoms you may be experiencing.


Symptoms represent imbalances in the body which, if ignored, can lead

to physical breakdown. There is always a cause behind a symptom. And

we are good at finding causes

Plus... we're good at getting rid of them.


From the SonRidge scan (which detects the imbalances), to our

successful eliminative, restorative and rebuilding therapies, our mission is to

create an effective, one-of-a-kind program just for you
To help you get well and stay well.



Anxiety, Insomnia, & Variety of Health Problems


"Completely turned my life around"


"Nobody understands to-- actually feeling like a living, breathing human being"

"I can't even explain it to you, you just need to know"

"Feel so bad for so long and then have such relief so fast with these therapies"

History of Frequency Medicine

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