Frequently asked questions

What is the closest airport?

Jacksonville (JAX) is about 56 miles from the SonRidge Health & Healing Center. Orlando (ORL) is about a 2-hour drive. (There is a small regional airport outside St. Augustine, but it no longer offers commercial flights.)

How long is my first appointment?

To best serve our clients, first appointments last 3 days - we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

I've never used homeopathics before...

So that you do not negate the efficacy of your homeopathics, avoid any food, tea, or product (toothpaste, etc.) that contains mint or menthol. Do not leave them anywhere near EMFs. And before using your homeopathics, make sure you "percuss" them (we'll show you how). Also, if you're flying, be sure to have your homeopathics hand-checked (ask us for a letter you can put with your homeopathics when you hand them to airport security).

I've never been to St. Augustine before...

You're in for a real treat. Click here for more on America's Oldest City.

Do you treat people who have been diagnosed with...

In actuality, we don't treat diagnoses - we treat individuals. We'll do our best to assess the root causes of whatever might be ailing you - and to support your body on its road to self-healing and recovery. We firmly believe we are all "fearfully and wondrously made".

What should I wear?

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Natural fibers, such as non-GMO cotton, are best. Please do NOT wear fragrance of any kind (we have a lot of chemically-sensitive patients).

Where should I stay?

St. Augustine has a wide variety of options.

What is your cell phone policy?

We request that everyone power down their cell phones before entering our Healing Center as an EMF-free zone is healthier for everyone. Your parasympathetic nervous system will thank you. (Rest assured: for thousands of years people lived quite happily without them.)

What is your address?

3750 US1 South, St. Augustine, Florida 32086 Tel: 904-794-2121 Click here for a map.

New Patient Info/Forms/Pricing

Before you visit us, please click on the below links and read the following 3 forms. Print and fill them out and bring them with you. (1) New Patient Info & Pricing. (2) New Patient Forms. (3) Patient Consent Form.