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During Jack's apprenticeship period, Chinese doctors often hooked electrodes to inserted acupuncture needles. These needles were charged with a microcurrent in the 8-10 Hz frequency range. This particular microcurrent resembled the frequency generated by manual needle-twirling. 


In the late 1980's, Jack began experimenting with frequencies to help eliminate infections, including the use of a 1500-Hz frequency to correct a severe shingles outbreak. One 45-minute treatment completely arrested all pain, and within three days the large lesion was scabbed over and healing.


This success spurred Jack to use his testing apparatus to find new frequencies for other infections. 


In 1993, his frequencies first appeared on the Web, and Jack became known as a pioneer in this healing technology.


Eventually, Jack switched from acupuncture needles to painless light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which can cover large portions of the body and introduce the correct frequencies that kill pathogens.

 "Except the Lord build the house..."

(Psalm 127:1)

SonRidge Health Center was founded by highly respected health pioneer, Jack Garvy, Lic.Ac. Nearly half a century ago, Jack was a student in the very first acupuncture class held in the U.S. (New York City

1970). Jack then spent a decade studying nutrition and homeopathy in

Boston, MA, apprenticing with Chinese and Korean acupuncture masters (Ho Fen Shen, John Chang, James Tin So, Yun won Suh).

In 1980, following God's call in his life, Jack began private practice

in western North Carolina. In 1985, he opened the Energy Medicine

Clinic in the heart of Black Mountain.


Word of mouth testimonials alone began attracting 25-40 new patients a

week from around the country. By 1990, the clinic had grown to the

point that more space was needed.

Jack moved his clinic to 113 acres of nearby mountain land and changed the name of his practice to "SonRidge" - a specific honor to the true healer, Jesus Christ.

                      "...the Sun of righteousness will rise with

healing in its wings..."

                                                                  (Malachi 4:2)


By 1998, Jack and his wife Angela opened SonRidge Health Center, St.

Augustine continuing to serve others in need of preventative and

restorative healthcare.


In 2018, Jack asked Dr. Marty to come alongside to help continue the

vision. In 2019, this mantle of service was officially passed to Dr.

Marty, who gratefully and humbly continues God's work and Jack's never-ending mission to offer hope, healing and health to all who come

through SonRidge's doors.


To God be the Glory!

Portrait of Jack & Angela Garvy 

© Audrey Sanders Saint-Clair


Jack's Rule of 3

Our founder, Jack Garvy, firmly believes there are 3 rules to getting well:


Bad Things Out


Good Things In


Good Sleep

Like all who come to SonRidge, you're probably here because you've had health issues - and you've had them for a while - and nothing much has worked. Or it's worked only temporarily or marginally. And it's been expensive. And it's had side effects. And it hasn't dealt with the real issues (causes) behind your health issues.

And you've heard we love finding those 

When it comes to what's really behind acute or chronic problems, there are typical culprits: heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, mold, "electrosmog", physical & emotional trauma, etc.

These toxic influences accumulate in the body. They produce dysfunction at first and then, structural breakdown. 

If we can eliminate these culprits, we've done well.


That's what SonRidge does though its unique technology — it gets "bad things out". And that's a good start.


But even so, that's not enough... a patient still has to put "good things in"...

A patient has to breathe right, drink right, eat right, keep chemicals off the skin, get good exercise, and stay detoxified.


If you come to SonRidge, you might as well be prepared to make adjustments. And this almost always means fundamental food-intake changes. 

Buying high-quality certified organic food is important - it limits your exposure to synthetic insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified ingredients.

Food combining is important, too. For example, never eat fruit with complex carbs (i.e., bananas on oatmeal or orange juice with toast). It causes fermentation instead of digestion, and this causes intestinal yeast growth along with alcohol production - which burdens your liver (your major detox organ).


(This is just one example!)

If SonRidge does its part, and you do your part, still one more thing remains to be done. God has to do His part. And He does that, according to natural law, when you get "good sleep". That's when you regenerate and recharge!


Jack has written an important book entitled Sleeping Well. It describes his break-through, patented SleepShield™ - in short, half a Faraday cage (which serves to reduce or eliminate geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields). 

Geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields decrease sleep efficiency. They interfere with the body's central nervous system, thereby limiting immune-system potential. These GMF's and EMF's can also cause cancer. 

So remember: "Bad Things Out, Good Things In, Good Sleep". 


And remember, too - we're here to help.

Our part

Your part


God's part